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High-Energy Li-Ion

Off-Season Seabob Storage

Seabobs are maintenance free. Well almost. There is only one single thing that you should take care of – Charging – especially so during the off-season months.
We have come up with a procedure to follow in order to have your Seabob ready and fully operational when the time comes.

Seabob Charging procedure

Store the Seabob or just the battery (applies only to units with ACS) in a dry place.
Make sure the storage temperature does not drop below 6 degrees C. If it is cooler the charging process will not start.
You can set the airport mode (50% charge) or the full charging mode (100% charge). We suggest you keep it 100% charged unless boarding a plane is part of your future plans.
Do not connect the charger permanently to the battery. You can use the standard (slow) charger of the quick charger (fast). There is no difference since the Li-Ion Batteries do not have a memory effect.
Connect the charger to the battery at least every 4 weeks.
Connect the charger to the mains/generator. The green light on the charger shall go on.
If you are charging the battery connected to the Seabob, the LCD display will go on in few seconds. Check the display and the charging indicators (charging bars on the right side of the LCD screen). Charging shall start automatically and the needed time to charge indicated bellow bars. When charging the orange light on the standard charger/quick charger will go on.
After the charge is complete – the orange light will go off – disconnect the battery. The charger is operational only if the green light is on when connected to the mains/generator. The orange light will go on only after the communication between the charger and the Seabob battery has started and the charging has initiated.
Check the indicator lights on the charger.
If the green light
on the charger does not go on after the charger has been connected to the mains/generator, you need to have your charger checked.
if the orange light on the charger does not go and the battery is not fully charged, you need to have your charger checked.
Important notice
If you hear any beeping – short or long – you must immediately recharge the battery
If you are unable to initiate charging please call us immediately and we will arrange detailed inspection and prevent total loss of your battery.