High-Energy Li-Ion


High-Energy Li-Ion

High-End – Space technology

The energy for the drive mechanism comes from an accumulator box with exceptionally efficient CAYAGO-Power High-Energy Li-Ion accumulators. These large and special high-performance accumulators form a high-quality component in the SEABOB‘s overall propulsion concept.

Li-Ion is a pioneering technology and a product of space research. These specially-developed longlasting accumulators with a life cycle of approx. 18 years are presently used to power earth-orbiting satellites. After being charged 2,000 times, the CAYAGO-Power Li-Ion accumulator cells demonstrated no significant reduction in performance and no memory effect.

Located in the SEABOB’s middle section, the accumulator box with its high-performance accumulators is situated in the perfect position. Charging the accumulator box couldn‘t be easier. Quick charging takes only approx. 90-110 minutes and costs around 30 euro cents.

There is no comparison to the SEABOB’s innovative drive technology. With a fully-developed charging concept and offering long-term, environmentally friendly use, the CAYAGO-Power High-Energy Li-Ion accumulators provide the ideal power source for the superior jetstream drive.