Pure thrills and action

The SEABOB offers all-round high-performance. This is because its hydrodynamic shape gives it unexpected agility in the water. Steering and diving couldn´t be easier – it´s all done by shifting your body weight.
The Controlgrips are used to regulate speed. Thanks to its 10 gears, the SEABOB is child´s play to drive.

3 Responses to "Pure thrills and action"

  1. Bjørn Dunkerbeck says:

    The handling of the SEABOB is very easy. It’s powerful, it’s easy to handle, it turns really well. I never gone as fast on the water as with the SEABOB. And I really felt like a dolphin in the water. The quality of the SEABOB is really good. It’s a high-tech-toy and it’s a lot of fun to use.
    Bjørn Dunkerbeck, Gran Canaria

  2. Melanie Barth says:

    Using a SEABOB is ingeniously simple. Anyone can do it. From young to old. Our whole family has so much fun with the SEABOB.
    Melanie Barth, Germany

  3. Ralf Möller says:

    I really enjoy cruising along at a leisurely pace above the water through the sea and beautiful coves on my F7. When I want some real fun, I take it up a notch or two by switching to higher gears. Secured by the pilot belt system, I allow myself to be propelled along and I can really let off steam in the water.
    Ralf Möller, Germany

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