“Sweeping along through the water with a SEABOB is an amazing experience. I never for once imagined the thrill you would get from it in the water.”
Marco Rossi, Italy

“Since I tested the SEABOB for the German TV channel Pro7 some years ago, I have been totally smitten. I’ve become an absolute SEABOB fanatic. Nothing beats charging through the water with a SEABOB.”
Claudio Reichmann, TV-Journalist, Germany

“I really enjoy cruising along at a leisurely pace above the water through the sea and beautiful coves on my F7. When I want some real fun, I take it up a notch or two by switching to higher gears. Secured by the pilot belt system, I allow myself to be propelled along and I can really let off steam in the water.”
Ralf Möller, Germany

“As a freediver who has taken part in many competitions, each dive with a SEABOB is an absolute highlight during my summer holidays. The incredible power felt when piloting the SEABOB right underneath the surface of the water a high speed is impressive. This scooter is just brilliant!”
Patrick Schnorf, Freediver, Switzerland

“I used to think the SEABOB was something for my kids. Since becoming the owner of a CAYAGO F7, I now know what a real water toy is: Power above and under water. The F7 is absolutely fantastic.”
Juan Rodriguez, Spain

“Using a SEABOB is ingeniously simple. Anyone can do it. From young to old. Our whole family has so much fun with the SEABOB.”
Melanie Barth, Germany

“Only those who have had the opportunity to pilot a SEABOB will know how pleasant it feels when water washes round your whole body at high pressure. It’s just awesome! I can’t get enough of it when I’m on holiday. Using a SEABOB is sheer wellness. The massage provided by the pressure of the water leaves my whole body tingling afterwards.”
Caroline Rossigniol, France

“At home in the Caribbean, the SEABOB is the ultimate toy above or under water. When I feel like experiencing our impressive underwater world, I simply attach the balancing weights and off I go, enjoying each dive to the full.”
Kim, The Scuba Shop, St. Maarten / St. Martin

“As a diving instructor on the island of Ibiza, I love riding through the underwater world on a SEABOB. Each dive is an unforgettable experience. However, I also get an incredible buzz racing along on my SEABOB, both under and above the water.”
Yaqui Mennes Pine, Ibiza

“The handling of the SEABOB is very easy. It’s powerful, it’s easy to handle, it turns really well. I never gone as fast on the water as with the SEABOB. And I really felt like a dolphin in the water. The quality of the SEABOB is really good. It’s a high-tech-toy and it’s a lot of fun to use.”
Bjørn Dunkerbeck, Gran Canaria