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Safe & Children friendly

Seabob is very easy to use & operate. With many safety features included.
Seabob is Safe for children and great fun for whole family.

Gliding at 22 km/h

Seabob Cayago F7 is The World’s fastest Water Sled.

Easy to use

Using a SEABOB is ingenioulsly simple.
It´s natural. It´s intuitive.

No pollution

100 % emission free. No Pollution & Zero Impact on Natural Environment!

100% Silent operation

Low noise levels by using the latest Seabob technology jet propulsion. All you will ever hear is stream of water passing by.

60 minutes autonomy

Operating time of the Seabob Cayago F7 on average is up to 1 hour. A lot a fun.

10 gears

10 power levels between 10% and 100% via piezo buttons to choose from. We do not know a lot of clients to run the Seabob at 100% for more than 15 minutes. Try it!

Down to 40 m

Seabob is tested up to 40 m depth. That is very deep. We limite the max. depth to 2.5 meters – for your safety.

Positive bouyancy

Seabob Cayago F7 floats on the water. We know it’s better that way.